What is new in AuctionSound this month?

  • eBay recently launched Item Condition Notes for used items. In case you haven’t noticed it, this new box appears just below the Description box that you fill out when listing an item.
  • Global Shipping Program - eBay has simplified selling to international buyers. If the item/category and seller are eligible and the seller has followed eBay’s steps to opt into this program, you can click a checkbox on the bottom of an item’s Shipping page and enter it into the Global Shipping Program.

eCommerce Storefront

Now is the time to start selling on your own website. It is simple to setup the storefront and list items on your own domain name. Go to Admin > Storefront and click Upgrade to Pro Storefront. Follow these easy-to-use guidelines to get you up to speed.

Pricing is separate from eBay, Amazon and Craigslist posting.

Important! Authorize.net has agreed to waive the $99 setup fee for any AuctionSound user who signs up for the rest of December! You will still see the $99 setup fee when activating your account, but this will be waived the following month. Click here to take advantage of these savings!

Listing on Amazon

If you are not familiar with listing on Amazon, there are some different guidelines to listing products. Not all used items can be listed and also certain categories require authorization from Amazon. If you want to start listing on Amazon through AuctionSound, go to Admin > Location and click the checkbox next to Amazon to get started. Follow this guide to help with this process.

Listing on Craigslist

This is the quickest and easiest way to market your products locally. Craigslist is perfect for listing unique items and items you would rather not ship. If you want to start listing on Craigslist through AuctionSound, go to Admin > Location and click the checkbox next to Craigslist to get started.

eBay News

No listing fees until December 31st to list items in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop and Outdoor Sports categories. List/Relist those items now!