Data Age Business Systems, developers of CrossPostit multi-channel listing software, are proud to announce their client base has reached a milestone of $285 million in sales generated through their listing software. CrossPostit allows its users to simultaneously list several items on multiple e-commerce channels in the time it would take to manually list one, saving its users time and making the listing process more efficient. Users can unlock the full potential of each marketplace by creating custom product listings, employing real-time inventory synchronization, photo management, bulk listing, multi-store management, reporting, order fulfillment, and more. CPI also offers fully stocked consignment capabilities, including commission plans, consignor look up portal, customer payout, and consignor email notifications, all in a simple easy to use service. Data Age Business Systems offers one of the largest tech support staffs in the industry. Providing the best customer experience through their electronic service desk, phone support, and knowledge base. “There’s peace of mind in knowing you have a fully supported software service,” says Len Summa, CEO of Data Age Business Systems. “We offer world class service in every aspect, not just in our products, but also in the support of those products, we never leave your side.”

Data Age acquired SellerVantage in 2016 to expand its eCommerce product portfolio. Since the acquisition, there have been major upgrades to the product to produce what is now known as CrossPostit. These upgrades include - eBay catalogs, eBay custom listing durations, Facebook Business Page Integration, Gunbroker, and Amazon integration, Storefront custom templates, and Storefront secured mask URLs. “The acquisition really took us to the next level in terms of providing our customers with product that is not only easy to use, but also makes their lives easier.” Says Len Summa. “The software is consistently evolving which guarantees its users a more technologically advanced product.”

Data Age’s development team continues to work on the CPI product with future builds expected to produce even more integrations and features. New builds will provide integrations with Offerup, a mobile marketplace that allows you to connect with buyers and sellers in your local area instantly. Offerup gives its users access to the largest mobile marketplace in the country. It has been named app of the year by GeekWire, and is one of the top 3 apps in the shopping category. CPI will integrate with Shopify, an eCommerce platform with $100 billion in sales and 800,000 active customers, and the online marketplace Jet, a one-stop shop for everyday essentials. Future builds will also integrate with item specific marketplaces such as Etsy, a unique online platform where customers can buy and sell handcrafted, vintage, or custom one of a kind items, and Reverb, a marketplace for buying and selling vintage music gear. “We’re providing our customers access to new marketplaces, this puts their products in front of a totally new consumer base, the opportunity here is unlimited.” Says Len Summa.