Small businesses are taking over the economic sky. Unemployment followed the housing bubble and the lines of credit became more limited. However, e-marketing and e-commerce continued leaping up, offering more opportunities to retailers and consignors. E-markets like eBay and Amazon keep opening prestigious doors for electronic marketers. Here are some reasons why selling on eBay is effective and more productive for retailers and consignors. We will also have a look at some quick tips to sell.

Largest Shares with Fixed Costs

According to the statistics, there are 157 million eBay users with 25 million sellers and 800 million items for sale. Almost 250+ million searches are recorded everyday with 11 million hourly searches. There are 80% new goods on eBay. These December 2015 stats show the largest shares of eBay in e-market and 20 Retail Index. Along with that, the sellers also get the opportunity of selling goods at their desired rates as eBay offers fixed cost structures. The retailers and consignors also save advertising and marketing costs like other retailers. Do you know that Coca Cola spends 25% of its profit on advertising and marketing only?

Opportunity to Sell with Established Sellers

EBay now allows its customers to select many items from different retailers and pay at once. This strategy will help the novice small business entrepreneurs sell their items alongside established retailers. You can now start your own small business with as low as $50 and sell the items on eBay.

Multiple Payment Methods

Most of the eBay users pay using PayPal but it does not mean that your market is limited. With multiple payment methods, you can sell your products to anyone anywhere in the world.

Automation and Easy-of-Use

The retailers and consignors come from different markets. Some of them may not be as efficient in online sales as others are. However, eBay is simply very simple. Its ease-of-use allows retailers and consigners to sell products without the hassle of getting trapped in technological obstacles. Along with that, there are many automation software products as well. Retailers and consignors can integrate these software applications with their sales pages to automate laborious and time-consuming operations.

Quick Tips to Sell More on eBay

The competition is always fierce in big markets like eBay. Using these tips can help you sell more and better on eBay.

  • Always set realistic prices. Markets like eBay not only offer opportunities to retailers and consignors but they also allow buyers to compare the prices under one roof.

  • Always upload clear and well-lit photos of your items for sale. Also, make sure to use original picture instead of dummy pictures or stock photos.

  • Always keep track of your shipping costs.

  • Pack complete information precisely in the description box.

  • Keep your identity safe by hiding your email address and phone number. But make sure to mention your company or brand name.

eBay also makes sure to add transparency in buying and selling processes. Options like negative feedback and 180-days return policy can affect your customer base. Devising customer service and experience policies can help minimize options that may cost you a fortune in the long run.