I look at a lot of eBay accounts, listings, SellerVantage accounts and seller’s websites all day. I have a constant nag “what could help clients sell more” in my head. Constant. You know what I have noticed from most of our clients? They do not use the eBay About Me Page. This free, ready-to-be-used page is the most underutilized advertising portal. eBay doesn’t make it an easy access to see it from your My eBay page either.

The importance of having an About Me page is for SEO value - Search Engine Optimization. Use this page to describe the different types of items you sell, your services (in case a local is searching for a place to sell through) and also to be able to build trust in your buyers. Be creative on this page, don’t just state the facts. Draw the attention of the buyer with your words on this page. If you’re not creative in this way, write down the information you want to cover and have a creative friend put their spin on it! 🙂

You can direct buyers to this About Me page from your listings on the description or from within your About tab in SellerVantage. This About Me page can include your website URL, Facebook business page, Twitter account, email address and phone number. You do not want to talk about or link to another channel: Amazon, Craigslist, Bonanza, etc. You also don’t want to say “buy products directly from my website”. But you can urge buyers to see your website for more information. You can also add photos, Youtube videos as well as eBay auto-generated codes (referenced the bottom of this blog).

How do I edit my About Me page?

http://pages.ebay.com/help/account/about-me.html - Click this link and you will see instructions on editing your About Me page. You can use one of their pre-existing templates or you can enter your own HTML. If you would like to use our example template, right-mouse click on the image above and Save the file. You can open this file in Notepad and edit the description and links to be YOUR description and links.

What’s not allowed:

  • Links that directly offer merchandise that’s not listed on eBay
  • Links to other online trading websites or pages that can include auction or fixed-price format listings
  • Links to sites that offer the same merchandise for the same or lower price; this includes the Buy It Now price
  • Links to sites offering merchandise or information that isn’t allowed on eBay
  • Promoting sales outside of eBay from the About Me page
  • Violations of our other listing policies

Here are the additional codes you can use inside your template to automatically generate in your About Me page.

Code You Enter What It Displays
<eBayUserID> Displays your user ID and real-time feedback rating.
<eBayUserID BOLD> Displays your user ID and feedback rating in bold.
<eBayUserID NOFEEDBACK> Displays your user ID with no feedback number after it.
<eBayUserID BOLD NOFEEDBACK> Combines two of the previous tags into one.
<eBayFeedback> Shows your up-to-the-minute feedback comments in real time.
<eBayFeedback COLOR=”red”> Changes the color of the second line on your feedback comment table to red.
<eBayItemList> Inserts a list of the items you currently have up for sale.

Here are a few examples of some great About Me pages:

While there are quite a few suggestions here, be sure NOT to over clutter your page where the buyer just cannot seem to find anything. Animations and flashing .gifs can be left out of these pages, simply because they’re from 90’s websites.

Let us know if you have any questions! Send us your About Me page so we can take a look!