SellerVantage needed to make some adjustments to the way it connects to ShipWorks. Ultimately, this change benefits you but ShipWorks ended up having this infinite loading issue the past couple of days. You do not have to upgrade to the newest version of ShipWorks, but it’s suggested that you do and does not take long to do it.

Here are the changes that have been made:

  • There was an issue where orders continued to load when there were no more orders. Infinite loading.  This is fixed and already live.
  • All Orders will now be sent as combined orders or individual. What this means is if you have a buyer who purchased 3 items, now you will be able to see them all together within ShipWorks.
  • Our Item number populates the Item Code and Item SKU fields – was previously populating the Orders field
  • Location used to send to the Notes field. Now, it populates the Location field on a per item basis. This makes it where you can easily customize your view so you can see Item and Location next to each other directly in ShipWorks.

Everything else still works the same – SellerVantage is updated with label cost/tracking number once the label has been printed.