new features

Greetings from sunny Tampa Bay!

The SellerVantage team is pleased to announce the release of version 5.09 which includes  new features, bug fixes and security enhancements. In this release, the most visible changes are cosmetic overhauls to several screens which feature new fresh-looking page layouts. These style changes will be ongoing over the next couple of months as we move to a fully responsive application. You asked and we listened! We reintroduced  a couple of features, added a few new ones and squashed a few bugs.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our software and value input from our user community. We encourage lodging feedback on any bugs, issues or errors directly through our service desk which you can reach by going to and select ‘Support Desk’ from the main menu and you will be taken to the portal.  If you haven’t signed up for the desk yet then you just need to provide an email address, a password of your choice and submit your request and any attachments through the form provided. Our team looks forward to receiving your feedback.

You can reach the Support Desk by clicking on the ‘user’ icon located on the top right of the main menu.  See the image of the new icon on the menu below:


You can also reach the support desk directly through the website by selecting ‘Need Help’ and clicking the ‘Support Desk’ link.  See the image of the website menu below:

need help

Here is a list of the features included in the 5.09 release:

  1. Deductions SVD-177 (MINOR): We have added a deduction feature for our consignor customers. This amount can be  entered on the edit item page and is applied when generating a consignee check. The application now retains the entered amount and automatically adjusts the price while keeping the item’s transactional data in tact.
  2. Default Category SVD-226 (MINOR): We added the ability to set a default category for item intake in the My Location -> Interface Settings  section of the system settings page.
  3. Gunbroker SVD-79 (MINOR): A refreshing update that consolidates the multiple pages into an easy to manage single page to list items quickly and efficiently.
  4. Item Pages SVD-234 (MINOR): The add & edit item pages have been revamped to a modular format by arranging key fields into intuitive containers.
  5. Items Table SVD-133 (MINOR): You can now save your favorite sorts & filters in our tables!
  6. Multiple Quantity Master Field SVD-238 (BUG): The ‘Master Item’ number is now available on the edit item page and by clicking it will link to the associated master item records.
  7. Java SVD-242 (BUG): A fix to Java that froze the process when posting to Craigslist in Internet Explorer.
  8. Location Field SVD-270 (MINOR): An update to the location field now shows the last known location prior to it reaching a sold/shipped status.
  9. Search SVD-150 (BUG): We squashed a bug that was preventing searching by using a first and or last name.
  10. Referral Source SVD-156 (MINOR):  You can now add a referral source when adding or editing a consignor.
  11. Commission Plans SVD-145 (BUG): We fixed a bug that was showing ‘Store Owned Account’ incorrectly when a consignee plan was previously set.
  12. eBay Items Ending SVD-159 (BUG):  We fixed an issue where items were still available for purchase on eBay but was being marked complete in SellerVantage.