eBay’s Best Match algorithm is still not 100% known by anyone that does not work for eBay, but we have a hunch that can help you get closer to the top. Best Match was created to “help buyers find just what they’re looking for from sellers they trust”.
* (from http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/sellingresources/searchvisibility.html)

The main points eBay makes are:

  • Price competitively.
  • Become an eBay Top-Rated Seller (by striving for 5-star feedback in DSRs).
  • Write clear and precise titles as well as full and detailed descriptions. Don’t waste space in your 80 character title with: @, NICE, WOW, L@@K, !!!!, etc. This can hurt search results.
  • Offer max 1-day to ship once buyer’s payment has cleared.
  • Offer Free Shipping on Fixed-Price or Good Till Cancelled listings.
  • Accept Returns within 14-days.
  • Provide as many Item Specifics without leaving the optional ones blank.
  • Upload multiple images, not just one. More than 12 doesn’t benefit the search.
  • Enter a Condition Description for used items.
  • Put the item in the correct category. If possible, put the item in 2 categories but know that eBay charges double for the second category.

We’ve been searching for user experiences of what works for them. Fixed Price sellers who lists Good Till Cancelled or renewing Fixed Price listings and runs auctions very rarely, here are some strategies to consider.

  • Rearrange wording of titles in stale or slow listings so your listings re-index in eBay.
  • Revise prices - even by just a few cents - again your listings will re-index in eBay.
  • Revise photos - If you have alternate photos you can use as the gallery, change the order.

New rules, policies and announcements made by eBay will constantly change this algorithm. When they finally fully roll out their new search engine, Cassini, Best Match will be a new discovery of how to get back to the top of people’s searches.

Have you found anything else to work in your favor with eBay’s Best Match?