We are constantly looking for ways to bring value to each of our customers. One of the ways that CrossPostit can bring you value is by helping you differentiate your business from your competition. A great feature in CrossPostit that allows you to do that is the consignor lookup with CrossPostit.


Ever get a call from one of your consignors wanting to check up on their consignments? That’s great that your consignor wants to check up on their items but it takes away time from their and your time that you could be using to grow your business. The consignor lookup tool is a value-added service that you can offer to your consignors free of charge. It helps both you and your consignor.


The consigner lookup tool allows your consignors a quick and easy way to check up on the status of their consignments and helps you offer a service that your competition most likely does not have. In this day and age, people expect information to be at their fingertips. With CrossPostit you can give your consignors just that and help take some of the stress of having your consignors call into your shop for status updates. This way it makes it easier on both you and your consignors and allows you to offer your consignors a service that other shops cannot provide. It’s a win-win for both parties!


To set this up for your consignors, you would simply click on the settings COG wheel in the upper right-hand corner of CrossPostit, choose settings and then select Consignor Lookup Tool on the bottom right of the list.



The link that is provided for your specific Client ID will give your clients access. Also, you can choose to include this URL in the E-mail Notifications to the consignor (Item is Listed, Sold, Shipped, etc.) or the printed consignor receipts.



You can choose to only link to this page that we provide for you, or you can add this directly to your website by embedding the HTML we provide for you.



If you choose to use a custom link for the lookup tool, you can enter http://customer.yourwebsite.com or whatever link you may create for this feature on your site.

It’s as easy as that! Then your consignors can login and check the status of their items using their e-mail address and zip code to log in!