Why should you sell on Amazon? Two words. Customer. Obsession. This Amazon’s top leadership principle and it’s why people buy from them. Customer obsession, or the idea of starting with the customer and working backwards, makes consumers comfortable with buying something online from a vendor they may not be familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the ONLY reason to sell on Amazon. There are plenty of other benefits…

With Amazon, there is very little risk for entrepreneurs getting into e-commerce. You can start a program without setting up fulfillment or support – Amazon has services that can do that for you. They also give you the ability to track your product throughout the supply chain using Amazon Elements. To take it a step further, you can allow your customers use the app to ensure the product they’re buying is what you say it is, giving them peace of mind they may not have on other channels.

You can drive awareness to your items by using “Sponsored Products” which lets you bid on keywords related to your item. Your ads appear in the first page of the search results or the product detail pages. You only pay for the ad if your link is clicked and you can monitor performance using the metrics Amazon provides. Sponsored Products is also completely flexible, so you can stop and start the program or adjust your budget whenever you want.

Another huge benefit of listing on Amazon is that businesses are shopping more and more on Amazon so you not only have access to consumers but business as well.

Amazon Helps with the 5 things Brand Owners Say they Need

  1. Access to new customers
  2. Protection of their brand
  3. Driving awareness
  4. Access to world-class fulfillment and support services
  5. The capital to grow

Advice from the pros for people who have an e-commerce brand

More than half of people start their search for a product on Amazon. If you’re not on Amazon, you’re not going to be found

  1. Make sure you tell the story of your product
  • What does your product look like?
    • Use lots of photos
    • Show all angles
    • Show your product in its natural environment
  • Make sure your description explains everything about the product
    • Make the customer feel very comfortable knowing you have the product they want
  1. Take advantage of Prime to get more exposure


Still not Convinced? Check Out these Stats

55% of customers in the US start their shopping journey on Amazon, compared to 26% on who uses search engines.

300 consumers shop on Amazon.

100k businesses generated more than $100k in sales on Amazon in 2016.

These businesses created about 600,000 jobs in the small/medium business sector

50% of items sold on Amazon are from 3rd party sellers; small and medium businesses.

75 minutes spent on Amazon per unique visitor

2B items delivered by fulfillment by Amazon for sellers in 2016

Over 50m unique products available for Prime members – the most engaged customers

Amazon has loaned over $1.5B to small businesses through Amazon lending