AuctionSound has officially changed to SellerVantage today. You will still login from the same place and all of your consignors/items are still in the same place, so you don’t have to worry about that. Have you been a long time AuctionSound user? We have MANY new things in the software since you signed up.

Setup an eCommerce Website

You can purchase a domain name for under $15 per year. This incredible way of advertising your business and selling items outside of any other marketplace should be a staple in your marketing plan for 2013. Linking your domain name with your SellerVantage storefront is quick and easy. Go to Admin > Storefront to start setting your website up if you already own a domain name!

You have two ways to receive payment when selling through the storefront. You can accept PayPal payments or credit card through You can also give the buyer a choice if you offer both!
View our storefront pricing here

List on Craigslist

Why not utilize a free local marketplace? Without paying listing fees or shipping fees, it doesn’t hurt to try a few products per day on Craigslist. To enable Craigslist posting, go to Admin > Location and check the box next to Craigslist to start posting.

Having trouble listing on Craigslist?

You might have to uninstall your old version of Java and then reinstall the new version.

  1. On your computer, go to Start > Control Panel
  2. Click on Programs
  3. Locate Java in the list and uninstall it
  4. Close Control Panel
  5. Go to and click Free Java Download
  6. Run the app
  7. After it has installed, close the browser and reopen it
  8. Open SellerVantage and list on Craigslist

Expand to Amazon

Have you had questions about listing on Amazon? Search Amazon for products you sell on eBay and do a price comparison. You might find that you will get more money on Amazon. When people think Amazon, they think new products. When people think eBay, generally they think bargain or used products.

You can activate Amazon in your SellerVantage account by going to Admin > Location and clicking the checkbox next to Amazon.