Some of you are aware that eBay is changing their policy on the minimum size of your photos. eBay has been sending out warnings with item examples that have less than 500px on the longest side. For those of you that use stock images, you may either have to find larger photos or take photos of your products.

“How can I tell if my images are less than 500px?”

Before uploading your images into SellerVantage, you can open the folder it is in and see the properties of the image. If you have already uploaded the image to SellerVantage, you will see the dimensions listed in the top window (we’ve highlighted it in red to show you the location here). The longest side shows 450px which unfortunately falls short of their minimum.

If you are uploading larger images, they may be scaled down in the description of your listings but they will upload at full size to eBay’s gallery section.

There’s a fast way to determine which items have images that aren’t up to eBay standards. ¬†Enter your information here and it will give you a list:¬†

“Will my listings with smaller images be pulled off of eBay?”

Any current listings with smaller images will not be pulled from eBay according to their update here. But when listing and relisting items, you will be blocked on the Preview page with an error message.

“Can I still use my borders on my images?”

eBay no longer allows borders on photos nor text or artwork. If you create specialized images for your main gallery photo to stand out, you will have to start uploading unmodified images. Watermarks are still allowed to display ownership but not for marketing purposes.