eBay's Active Content Ban


About the Ban
Active content in all listings across all devices will be disabled June 2017.


What is active content?
Active content includes third-party applications like JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins, and form actions. Such applications can negatively affect the user experience by inhibiting purchasing, increasing page load times, and raising security vulnerabilities.

eBay will eventually phase out the ability to use active content in listings, so you should limit or eliminate its use in eBay listings and Stores as soon as possible. We also strongly suggest you don’t invest in creating or augmenting a custom Store experience with active content since this capability will be retired at a later date.


What are alternatives to active content?

  • eBay will not ban the features and widgets themselves, rather it will only ban certain technologies.
  • Scrolling galleries, feedback widgets, tabs etc. are allowed for use, they will just have to use a non “active content” technology.
  • Most features can be created using CSS and HTML – which are not “active content”.


What do you need to do?

  • You don’t need to do anything with your CrossPostIt listings! We will move all your listings over to an acceptable format.


When does this new policy take effect?

  • eBay will ban the use of active content in listings starting from June 2017.


What will happen to active content after June 2017?

  • The active content elements and features in your eBay listings will stop functioning.