As the dust starts to settle on our recent acquisition of Seller Vantage, our newly branded CrossPostIt product is meeting with some fast success. Our existing customer base has been wonderful to work with and what a sharp bunch they are. We appreciate all the feedback and input, which will only make us better.


CrossPostit caters to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Our goal will always be to supply great products and services to our customers. Above and beyond that, we’ll embrace the “Data Age way” as we have always been known for keeping our customers connected and well informed on many levels.  We will use our Facebook page and social sites to send out quality information and articles. We try to make the information useful, informative and fun.


One industry we supply is the consignment industry. The article below speaks to some of the great work being done in this industry as well as how successful it has become over the years. The industry provides a great service to the communities in which they reside while helping out in so many other ways.


The Multi-billion Dollar Industry That’s Good for the Planet