It brings us great pleasure to let you know that AuctionSound will now be known as SellerVantage starting February 1, 2013. You do not need to worry about your database of items or consignors, everything will still be in the same place as it has been since 2004.

AuctionSound is a brand That’s Us Technologies, Inc created when eBay drop-off stores and auction-style listings were the only way to sell online. Obviously these processes have evolved and so has the software. For those that are new to AuctionSound/SellerVantage, the software was initially built for a franchise. Businesses outside the franchise needed to use a management software and then began our progress to tailor it towards many different business models from brick-and-mortar to multiple warehouses.

A new brand brings new initiatives. Just posting auction-style listings to sustain your business no longer exists. Now, you can list the same item number on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and eCommerce website. With this launch of SellerVantage, we are also giving the ability to accept PayPal payments through eCommerce purchases. If you didn’t want to sign up with, you will be able to accept payments from buyers with PayPal accounts. If you already have an account, you can accept both so the buyer can pay with their Credit Card.

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What is new in SellerVantage?

QuickBooks / Accounting File Download

Now, you can add many more columns of information to your .iif or .csv file when exporting check information for your accounting software.

The new columns are: Amazon Fees, Cost of Amazon Sold Items, Cost of Craigslist Sold Items, Merchant Fees (, Cost of Storefront Sold Items, Commission Income, Deductions, Unsold Item Listing Fees, Tax Collected, Shipping Costs, Shipping Income, Handling Income.

If you leave a column blank under Admin > QuickBooks, then the column will simply not show when downloading your check report from Reports > Checks. Not all columns are necessary for QuickBooks, but they are necessary for the way some of our clients need to pull report information.

Storefront Category Builder

If you are subscribed to the storefront, you can import your eBay Store Categories or create them within SellerVantage. The software supports up to 3-tier category structures such as:

  • Bicycles
    • Frames
      • Trek
      • Mongoose
      • Giant