The SellerVantage team listened to your feedback and added back some features based on of the most popular requests. As of 4PM EST we have pushed the following changes:

New Updates

Change Item Status
Adding the ability to change an items status to sold & paid, sold & unpaid, queue, unsold  in the action drop-down on the edit item

More Ways To Edit Items & Quickly Edit Photos
Adding a button to edit the item from the item view modal launched by clicking the items thumbnail image   on the  items table.  To quickly edit your images select the edit photos from the line item actions menu.

Upfront Fees
We have reintroduced Upfront Fees into the edit item page that are directly linked to your commission plans.  These fees can be set and updated from the commission plan settings.
We have also insured the fee collection type confirmation is back in the workflow.

Statuses In The Items Table
Updating the items status icons in the items table.  Now a grey circle indicates the item hasn’t been touched, a grey checkmark indicates an items in process, a blue checkmark indicates an item is ready to list, a green checkmark indicates an item is listed and you can click it to see the listings live page,  an exclamation icon indicates the listing requires attention (expired, unsold, ended), and a green circle with a checkmark indicates a completed process.

Items Table
Now supports three additional columns, “Status” and “Updated” (the time of an item’s last status change) “Idle” (time since an item received its last status change) that can be selected using the chooser button in the top right filter controls.

Coming Soon

Edit Pricing
We will be adding the ability to update an items sold price and its shipping prices.

Adding the ability for a user to select the fields they wish to see on the consignor receipts. The layout can be set and saved by selecting the “select fields” button from the receipts page.

Search Results
We will be adding a setting which offers the option to edit or view an items details directly from the search box in the main menu.

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