Rules change over time when it comes to presenting your business online. It’s important to boost your store’s online presence in order to maximize your visibility on the internet. If you’re doing business “the way you’ve always done it” and haven’t made any changes to your advertising routine, you might be left in the dark as the world of online sales takes on a different shape. Simply listing items for sale and having a website from 2004 won’t do the trick anymore.

Spring brings a clean slate to your online presence!

 Fresh New Start

  1. Take a few great photos of your store that you want to use to show your business. We’re going to go through the steps of creating a uniform listing on all online avenues. Take photos of your building, inside the store, your staff, a few items, whatever you want to portray as your business.
    When taking these photos, think of what would make YOU want to come visit you and use your services.
  2. Write up an elevator pitch of WHY people should use your services, not just WHAT you do.
    (excellent read on this principle: Start With Why)
  3. Buy a domain name for $15 per year. A quick fix would be to redirect people who visit your new .com will go to your eBay Store page. This way you have a URL to put on business cards, social media and advertising sites. looks more legit than…
  4. Best practice for setting up an email is to have your URL as your gmail email address. Visit this page to set it up
  5. eBay recently launched a social commerce platform as a result of ending their About Me pages. Use our guide from January to fix up your page.
  6. Create social business accounts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  7. Focus on Local Advertising :: see our 10 ways to advertise your online business locally.
  8. Build your Social Media presence :: This cannot be ignored for your business because this is the way people are finding out about your services. No one flips through the big Yellow Pages book anymore!
  9. Next Step Marketing :: After doing 1-7, this will take you down the path of tracking where your online traffic is coming from, creating a blog and how to properly link back to your blog from social media accounts.

Feel free to leave me a comment below on what you’ve found helpful! Contact me if you want one-on-one consultation.