It’s so easy when you have an eCommerce company to get sidetracked into thinking you need to focus only on global websites. This couldn’t be further from the truth and that’s why I want to share my 10 ways to Locally Advertise your Online Business.

Get Your Business on the Map

1. Google Maps :: Add your business on Google Maps if you haven’t already done so by adding Google+. Be sure you are on both Maps and Google+. Google is a the leading search engine so anything Google owns will show up in searches (Map locations, YouTube videos, Google+ posts, Blogger posts, etc). If you search a business name, you’ll find that the results are always the locations closest to you. By far, this is the most important map to add your business on

2. Bing Maps :: Windows and Facebook default to Bing maps which would be the second most important local search to advertise your business on.

3. MapQuest :: Currently the only map company that charges for entries, you might actually do well BECAUSE this reduces a lot of clutter from every company and start-up on this map.

4. Apple Maps :: The only way to submit your business is on an Apple device. While a lot of Apple users use Google Maps due to its legacy of excellent map service, you don’t want to miss potential searches.

Get Your Business in the Local Directory

5. Yahoo Business :: Second to Google is Yahoo when it comes to search engines. Yahoo has built a lot of additional tools to assist businesses too. But you have to start with creating your business on Yahoo.

6. AngiesList :: Since AngiesList has a following for accredited businesses, it’s a good idea to submit your business through this local directory.

7. :: While getting the huge YellowPages sounds old-school, I STILL get calls from my 10 year old posting on YP.

8. MerchantCircle :: Similar to AngiesList, Merchant Circle has a following of people who depend on the businesses that are listed there.

Get Your Business in Location-Based Networks

9. Yelp :: People like to write reviews and depend on reviews, similar to AngiesList. Yelp is a network of people’s experience with businesses. Put their sticker on your window to get people to check-in for free advertising to their friends.

10. Foursquare :: Similar to Yelp, Foursquare is based on getting badges for visits and also offering discounts for checking in. Possibly consider offering 5% off your commission or price when checking in.

Local Advertising Made Simple

If you want to expand past these 10 directories, there are paid sites that will take care of even more websites.

Feel free to leave me a comment below on what you’ve found helpful! Contact me if you want one-on-one consultation.